6th Anniversary Radio Show

Acid Jazz Alternative Big Beat Chill Out Deep House Disco Electro House Funk Funky House House Music Progressive House Psytrance Tech House Techno Trip-Hop

Recorded live on 20th September 2014. MK-Ultra and Mesmic fire up the first hour with Funky House Music. Atmosphere intensifies during the second hour with Mesmic blasting Tech House, followed by MK-Ultra's Progressive and Deep House mix. Third hour is dedicated to sub-brand Shadow Project consisting of Techno and Psytrance mixes by Mesmic and MK-Ultra respectively. Fourth and final hour kicks off with Mesmic's eclectic Freestyle mix ranging from vintage Electro to Trap music. MK-Ultra concludes the show by spinning a selection of his favorite vinyls.

This podcast episode features music published by Bonzai Progressive, CZ Code, Caballero Recordings, Dubsided, Guesthouse Music, Hotfingers Records, Hotfingers Records, Relentless Records, Zulu Records and others.